Are These Behaviors Stressing You Out?

Children acting badly is not uncommon...we see this going on almost everywhere.  Many parents just don't react in ways that could either prevent, or immediately stop the undesirable behavior  in its tracks. Here is a short list of behaviors that though not uncommon, could be prevented:

  • Defiance, Being Oppositional, Resistant and Stubborn
  • Hyperactivity and Out-of-control (ADD or ADHD)
  • Throwing Temper Tantrums, "Freak-outs" or Outbursts
  • Being Disrespectful, Rude, Back-talking, Swearing, or Lying
  • Whining, Nagging, Demanding, Clingy or Exhausting
  • Anger, Violence, Aggression, Hitting, Kicking, or Biting

The above list is certainly not complete and you could probably add to it based upon your unique situation.  Rest assured that there are simple reasons why your child may be "driving you up the wall" with inappropriate behavior.  For a wealth of valuable information and the solutions to those stressful behaviors, you are invited to visit HERE!

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